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Handmade food in Handmade items

Published by Libbi in my blog · 13/7/2015 20:35:00
Tags: handmadefoodandpottery
I for one feel that handmade food lends itself to be presented/prepared in handmade items. I have noticed Nigel Slater and Jamie Oliver have been using some very nice handmade pottery to displacy their food on television recently.  There seems to be a real wholesome feel to food served in handmade items, it feels even more healthier somehow.
Whether it is a salad in a bowl or just a morning cup of coffee the look and feel will always be unique.  Knowing that someone has lovingly made the pottery and the lengthy process of the drying, firing and glazing processes somehow emphasises the efforts in creating the food it contains.  I am going to send Nigel one of my bowls in the hope that he will create a wonderful dish using it.......... what do you think?

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